Sharing some love for grOCAD! This was so much fun, mad props to Laura Headley and Marta Chudolinska for organizing this badassery and being lovely facilitators and hosts. (And for the photos!) Thanks ladies! It was really nice to engage in a fun extracurricular workshop from a student’s perspective for a change, it seems that all I’ve been doing lately is teaching! (Middle schoolers and high schoolers at the AGO, about social justice, of course – what else?) Most of my hanging gardens are hangin’ in my kitchen, and I’m planning on painting some flowers on them. Expect some update pictures in the next week or so!

(In my garden – a few random flowers [white and purple], chamomile, sage, tarragon, thyme, basil, [BASIL!] and a few other things. Excited!)

So happy there’s photographic evidence of this stuff, because I think they’ll make some pretty badass drawings! Honestly, it’s experiences like these that inform almost all of my work in one way or another. LOVE it! On a more serious note, it’s not just the pretty plants that make me tingly and happy. I do dig plants, but I revel in the entire ethos of something like this – I love DIY movements that allow people to reclaim (in some sense, however small) the means of production. There’s something so tasty and activistic about that, and I love love love it. I love that I’m not the only one interested in growing my own plants, my own food, making my own herbal remedies and learning about the earth and what it does! Finding a community like this is the best!


07. April 2012 von Sabrina
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