This zine, Fruits of Love: A Book of Lore and Magic was a blast to work on. I got to be a bit more experimental with my illustration and loosen up a bit. Usually my pieces are pretty tight, so it was fun to just relax for this one. I think it fits the piece really well, since I wanted it to look a bit like a sketchbook/recipe book, and speak to the organic, fluid nature of cooking, food, love, and life.

Here’s this one’s fun write-up:

Fruits of Love: A Book of Lore and Magic is a zine about the folklore of three fruits in Western culture – the pear, the plum, and the apple. These fruits have represented different types of love in mythology and folk culture, and have a lasting impact in many stories and cultures. The synopsis of each fruit contains folk knowledge of the fruit and its archaic uses, as well as short modern magical ideas to incorporate the love energies of each of these fruits into your daily life.

All written content is my own!

These are clearly hand-stitched as well. I love sewing zines, it’s so much more fun than just stapling things together! Fruits of Love is also $10 on my fancy online store. If you’re interested in nabbing both this zine and My Mundane, it’s $18! (Haven’t made a listing yet for the dual book deal, if anyone’s interested now I’ll make one for ya asap – just pop me an email at sabrinadraws at gmail dot com.)

14. January 2012 von Sabrina
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