So! In the end of November I taught a DIY Holiday Cards class at the lovely Site 3. It was great, and we got mentioned on CBC Metro Morning! Awesome!

This class was pretty simple but fun! We went over the history of cards (did you know that the first cards to be sent out were New Years cards, and that the card only became affordable to the everyday person in the 1800s?), carved stamps, made everyday items into stamps, experimented with collage, made stencils, hand-painted cards, and wax-sealed our envelopes!

Below you can see a few cards and the handmade stamps that were used to make ‘em. Stamps are great for cards because they enable the artist to create multiples quickly and easily!

Awesome use of collage!

A lot of folks were fans of the making snowflakes technique of folding paper and cutting a few triangles into it – in the picture above you can see some of the results!

The card above was so inventive! One of my favourite things about teaching is that students always come up with amazing, interesting solutions that I had never considered. He was planning on putting a brad in the middle, to facilitate the spinning of the snowflake image he made. Wish I could have seen the finished product! His hand-carved stamps work beautifully together.

The wax sealing (pictured above) was really fun! How often do you see holiday cards sealed with wax?

A huge thank-you to everyone who came out, I had a blast!

17. December 2011 von Sabrina
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