Here are some blurry iPhone pictures from Saturday’s super fun Book Arts Fair! It’s an event that OCAD University holds every year, and vendors are an always lively mix of students and non-students with tons of pretty things to show and sell. It was my first year exhibiting, but it definitely won’t be my last!

I had a lot of fun, talked to some really kind, friendly folks and saw some amazing, inspiring book arts. And I sold a bunch of my stuff! Yay! Huge thank you to anyone who came by and said hello, and a double thanks to everyone who purchased my wares!

There’s my helper Daniel, looking ecstatic (as always) to be helping me out with my table. He helped carry a bunch of my stuff to the venue, so I couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks Daniel! (You can say hi to him and check out his work on Twitter and Tumblr.)

Business cards, pins, sachets (these are the pure definition of handmade – seriously, I did everything from start to finish, other than weaving the fabric), and handmade journals (the cover paper is made from recycled cotton t-shirts).

Here’s something I spent Friday afternoon silkscreening – it’s called “Toad Bone Rite,” and it’s an edition of 6 perfect prints and 6 not-so-perfect prints. I used a HUGE screen to print these, and had to use a really epic large-format screenprinting machine-esque thing which I’m not super accustomed to using, but am very excited to perfect my technique on. I’ve conquered small-scale printing, I’m excited to try to perfect large format! Each of these babies measures 22 x 30 inches, it’s gold and black ink on cream stonehenge paper. I sold all of them except for one misprint (a steal for $5) and two perfect ones (a steal for $20). If you want one holla, they’re going fast!

This is a zine I just finished! It’s 16 pages and it’s full of magic and folklore about apples, pears, and plums, featuring (of course) my illustrations and original writing by yours truly. These are $10 and will be available online very very very soon, and again if you want one let me know!

05. December 2011 von Sabrina
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  1. Do you have any of the Toad Bone Rite prints left? I would love to buy one off you if you do!

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